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Black Bear

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Redefining Sustainable Finance

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Incentivizing Contribution Through Blockchain Technology

01. Contribution

We have the power to financially contribute to organizations via blockchain technology. Our ecosystem is able to directly and indirectly contribute to wildlife efforts through our unique tokenomics.

02. Rewards

The BEAR utility token will allow users many benefits, such as staking, play-to-earn gaming economy, yield farming, payments, visa card integration, merchandise, NFT marketplace, and more.

03. Real-World Benefits

The community behind Black Bear Finance can promote philanthropic goals on a sustainable level to support and preserve wildlife. Our team alongside the community, utilizing critical decision processes (process publicized), will be responsible for vetting successful conservation organizations that provide tangible benefits to the cause they are working towards.


Our Ecosystem

Staking Rewards Program

Stake your tokens for passive income.

Proof Of Adoption NFT Marketplace

Integrating conservation and animal adoption via NFT marketplace.

Visa Card

Earn crypto while you spend.

Play To Earn

Earn crypto while playing our game.

DeFi In The Wild Merchandise

Wear high quality clothing and support conservation.


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05 Ecosystem Development

Growth and adoption will support ecosystem development. Play-to-Earn gaming economy, NFT marketplace, token utility, and DeFi expansion.

04 Conservation Contribution

Users get to participate within the black bear finance community on what conservation organizations we support.

01 BEAR Token

The BEAR utility token provides value to the holder through various mechanisms.

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02 Reward Users

Yield farming, staking, play to earn game, Visa card, NFT marketplace, etc.

03 Staking Integration

Holders will be eligible to lock and stake their tokens for a higher apy of passive rewards. A charity Treasury will be introduced to generate yield through our staking platform.

Our Mission

Black Bear Finance is committed to incentivizing global action towards conservation. Every person can become an influential participant in creating a sustainable, regenerative earth.

What We Do


Black Bear Finance is a blockchain company that is integrating DeFi with wildlife conservation.

The inspiration of the company’s name is based on a small rural subdivision where the founder lived in Alberta, Canada.

Black Bear Ridge has inspired the founders to acknowledge that preserving habitats and wildlife is a duty and great responsibility for our future generations to flourish.


To create a robust economic ecosystem that generates rewards to its participants while funding conservation efforts on a long term sustainable level.

Conservation organizations face difficulties in long-term outcomes due to financial issues. Black Bear Finance is creating the infrastructure to incentivize charitable funding.


Through blockchain technology, we are able to assemble and incentivize people from around the world via decentralized finance.

Our company will incentivize contribution through a rewards-based yield generating economy. Where the funds can continue to support the organizations and the holders who join our community.

Media and Press

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"Through the advancements and applications of blockchain technology we can effectively scale, incentivize, and connect the entire globe to informative action."

Cole Morrison

CEO & Founder of

Black Bear Finance


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